Information sourced from the manufacturers Aquapac

What do you mean by "100% Waterproof"?
1. Independent testing:
In 1999 we commissioned the British Standards Institution (BSi) to conduct a series of tests on our Aquaclip® sealing system against the requirements of BS EN 60529:1992 [Note: The ‘TC’ clip used on the Hands-Free Phone case and the Portable Audio case had not yet been invented and was not therefore tested by BSi].

The first tests were for the degree of protection against ‘ingress of solid objects’. In layman’s terms they were testing to see if it was possible to blow or suck dust through a sealed Aquaclip. The answer was no. All the samples passed IP6X Category 1, the toughest test there is.

Next they were tested for waterproofness. All complied with IPX7 which covers temporary immersion. Then they were tested to the most demanding standard of all – IPX8 – meaning 30 minutes continuous immersion at a depth of 10 metres = 33 feet. In this test a tiny drop of water did get through the very longest clamp – that’s the one which has 4 levers. But the shorter clamps were still 100% dry and passed the test. In fact the smallest Aquaclip - used on the mini and small phone cases, the pager case, and the Keymaster pouch – was still waterproof at 40 meters = 131 feet.

2. In-house testing:
We batch test all our cases during production in our own testing tank. The cases are left in the tank at 1 bar = 10 metres/33 feet for 5 minutes.

"Because of our commitment to the end user "you" we test all goods not manufactured by us, the waterproof cases we stock from Aquapac performed 100% "