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Recoverice ice wraps

Ice Bandages: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can’t I just use an ice pack on the injury when I get home?
    You can apply an ice pack, however, it may take you a while to get home!
    An ice bandage will not only give you support, enabling you to remain mobile so that you can get home, but medical research shows that the immediate application of cold and compression, as soon as an injury occurs, dramatically reduces recovery time.
    If you’ve fractured a bone, swift application of an ice bandage will stop the inflammation whilst you go to hospital. There have been instances where people have arrived at A & E, waited 20-30 minutes, only to be told that the area it too swollen to be X-rayed and they have had to return at a later date!
    RecoverIce wraps are small enough to put in your pocket or handbag making them instantly available for such an emergency. In addition, RecoverIce bandages are impregnated with arnica, a natural remedy that inhibits inflammation and swelling, perfect for an acute injury.
    Finally, ‘icing’ is primarily an analgesic - a pain-reliever, so cooling the affected area will make it much less painful!

  • How long do RecoverIce wraps stay cold?
    RecoverIce wraps cool quickly and remain at the optimum temperature to reduce swelling, for over 2 hours (depending on ambient temperature). Their unique wrap-around effect provides a complete cooling that penetrates from all angles, which you continue to feel, even when the ice wrap has dried and/or been removed.

  • So once I get home I can use ice or an ice pack on my injury?
    Sure, although, medical evidence suggests that ice should only be applied for 10 minutes at a time. states:
    ‘Since ice can sometimes increase the amount of blood flooding into an injured part of the body, it must be used with caution …overly long applications of ice can result in frostbite injury to the skin, nerve damage, and increased swelling and inflammation…’
    Also suggests that:
    ‘ Raw ice is probably too cold to leave on for long enough to chill any tissue deeper than about a centimetre.’
    However, with RecoverIce wraps you do not need to worry about any of these issues. RecoverIce bandages start cold, get colder over the first 10 minutes and then stay comfortably cool for well over an hour.
    Also unlike ice and ice packs, that melt after a short time and then need refreezing, no refrigeration is necessary – very convenient!

  • Are Recoverice wraps 100% natural?
    They certainly are. Plus they are the only ice bandage on the market to contain the natural healing remedy, arnica

  • Why is the ice wrap impregnated with arnica?
    Arnica has been valued as a homeopathic remedy for bruises and sprains for centuries. It is promoted for use on the skin to help soothe and heal wounds, sunburn, bruises, sprains, sore muscles, irritation from accidental injuries and burns, arthritis, ulcers, acne, eczema, chapped lips, sore throat, and irritated nostrils!
    Arnica comes from a yellow daisy-like flower. The active components of arnica include sesquiterpene lactones and flavonoids which are known to reduce inflammation and ease pain. It also contains thymol, an essential oil that fights infection, and carotenoid, a powerful antioxidant. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center website, "Anica is used topically for a wide range of conditions, including bruises, sprains, muscle aches, wound healing, superficial phlebitis, rheumatic pain, inflammation from insect bites, and swelling due to fractures". Recoverice wraps are the only ice wrap on the market to contain arnica.

  • Are the wraps reusable?
    RecoverIce wraps can be washed and then reused as a compression bandage. Unlike generic crepe bandages, RecoverIce wraps have yellow and blue lines printed on them, overlap these when bandaging in order to give optimum compression to reduce inflammation around the injury.

  • Are the blue and yellow lines on the bandage important?
    Yes! Our biokeneticist (biokinetics - defined as the science of movement and the application of exercise in rehabilitative treatment or performance) researched thoroughly the angle of bandaging necessary in order to achieve optimum compression required for an acute injury.
    The blue and yellow lines (which we have patented!) are unique to RecoverIce and are there as a guide for ease of application.
    If you change the angle of bandaging too much then you will not achieve the requisite compression.

  • Why are RecoverIce bandages better than cooling gels, creams or ice sprays?
    Gels and creams give minimal cooling and clog up skin pores, hindering the body’s natural cooling process. Ice sprays give a superficial cooling that lasts less than 5 minutes. Deeper injuries remain unaffected.
    Note the medical research documented on:
    'Remember that the main effect of 'cooling' sprays is actually the easing of pain; they produce only a temporary chilling of the skin and do not lower the temperature of the deeper tissues'
    ‘…if you want to chill deeper, thicker tissues, you need gentler, slower cooling.’
    RecoverIce wraps cool quickly and remain at the optimum temperature to reduce swelling, for up to 2 hours! Their unique wrap-around effect provides a complete cooling that penetrates from all angles.

  • I have heard that heat can help with injuries so why do I need to apply ice?
    According to an article by Paul Ingraham, a retired Registered Massage Therapist, ( - updated 7/12/10) ‘Icing for Injuries, Tendonitis and Inflammation’:
    ‘Icing is primarily an analgesic — a pain-reliever …use it like you use ibuprofen. It may help to resolve chronic problems (much more about this below), but it’s mostly intended to numb painfully inflamed tissues. The most commonly iced acute injuries are fresh injuries — ligament sprains, muscle strains, and severe bruises… what’s a “fresh” injury? Any time tissue has been physically damaged, it will be inflamed for a few days, give or take, depending on the seriousness of the injury. If superficial tissue is sensitive to touch, if the skin is hot and red, if there is swelling, these are all signs that your injury is still fresh, and should not be heated.
    What ice is not for
    Ice can mildly aggravate the pain of muscle spasm and trigger points (muscle knots). Trigger point pain is extremely common, and is routinely mistaken for an “iceable” injury, especially in the low back. Here’s the short explanation: Back pain is rarely an injury — that is, the pain is rarely caused by inflammation, which might be helped by ice. Even in cases where inflammation is present, it is usually deep in the back under a thick layer of insulating muscle and the ice cannot “reach” it. However, back pain almost always involves muscular trigger points (muscle knots), which are more likely to be aggravated by ice and helped by heat! For this reason, the majority of people with back pain prefer heat, and a few have negative reactions to ice. For similar reasons, neck pain usually should also not be iced. Although experiments have shown that both ice and heat are modestly helpful for low back and neck pain, there are good reasons to err on the side of heat. Ice should only be used on the back by patients who clearly prefer it (for whatever reason), or when there is definitely a fresh injury.’

  • An excellent article on the website: Joint pain Solutions states:
    ‘Although heat can feel soothing, the physiological benefits from ice therapy far outweigh any benefits that can be achieved with heat. For arthritis symptoms, if you are experiencing only stiffness, heat is a fine choice. But, if you are still experiencing pain, ice is the best. Even for chronic conditions ice can yield big benefits.’

  • What about chronic injuries sustained for example through sport?
    According to:
    ‘Chronic injuries…can be subtle and slow to develop. They sometimes come and go, and may cause dull pain or soreness. They are often the result of overuse, but sometimes develop when an acute injury is not properly treated and doesn't heal… Cold therapy is helpful in treating some overuse injuries or chronic pain in athletes. An athlete who has chronic knee pain that increases after running may want to ice the injured area after each run to reduce or prevent inflammation.’
    RecoverIce wraps are ideal as they can be kept in your sports bag for just such an occasion.

  • Will RecoverIce wraps help with muscular aches and pains?
    Yes, RecoverIce wraps are not only used for the treatment of injuries but can be used as an injury preventative measure. They relieve tired, aching muscles and reduces stiffness after strenuous workouts.

  • Can you put it in your hand luggage on flights?
    Yes, unlike gel or aerosol sprays, it is not considered a liquid but a bandage that is impregnated with liquid in the same way as baby or hand wipes.

  • Do RecoverIce wraps contain any medication?
    No, they contain no medication or banned substances. They are a 100% natural. The ethanol is derived from sugar cane and they are impregnated with arnica, a natural remedy that inhibits inflammation and swelling, perfect for an acute injury.

  • Are they fully waterproof?
    Yes, RecoverIce wraps are hermetically sealed and therefore fully waterproof, making them ideal for skiing, canoe trips and all water sports, as well as backpacking or walking in inclement weather.

  • Can children and pregnant women use them?
    Yes. In fact they are ideal for pregnant ladies to use to help reduce swelling in ankles. RecoverIce wraps also soothe tired and aching muscles.

  • Can I use on an open wound?
    RecoverIce wraps should not be applied directly onto an open wound. First clean and then cover with a gauze patch.

  • Do they have a long shelf life?
    Yes, up to 2 years.

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We hope your visit to our Recoverice Freqently asked questions page was rewarding and informative, and answered any questions you may have had. If you require more information on any Recoverice products or simple advice on any travel or outdoor related issues please telephone 01942 511 820 and ask for Lincoln.