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Cold Therapy

Recoverice ice wraps

Cold therapy ice wraps the alternative ice packRecoverIce Wraps are a revolutionary, new, cold therapy treatment. An alternative to the traditional ice pack, these easy-to-use compression bandages provide cooling and compression with the added benefit of arnica, a natural remedy that reduces swelling and bruising. These cold therapy ice wraps are a first response / emergency first aid product.
ideal for the profesional sports person

The lightweight (100g), foil wrapped bandages are compact enough to carry in a pocket or handbag for instant application to swelling or bruising resulting from everyday slips, trips and sprains. Proven medical evidence (cold therapy) shows that immediate application of cold compression to an acute injury, dramatically increases recovery time.

It is the only ice bandage on the market that is impregnated with arnica, which is promoted for use on the skin to help soothe and heal bruises, sprains and sore muscles and is also recommended for the treatment of minor scalds, burns and sunburn where the skin is not broken. It is also used to help reduce inflamation in those suffering with arthritis.
The ice wrap requires no refrigeration or pre-freezing, ideal when on the move - simply tear open the hermetically sealed packet and the RecoverIce wrap immediately begins cooling, reaching the optimum temperature for pain relief within a short space of time and lasting for well over an hour.

RecoverIce wraps are a cost-effective cooling and compression solution designed for use in all sporting and outdoor activities, as well as for accidental mishaps.

RecoverIce Bandage

Recoverice ice wraps

Recoverice ice wraps

RecoverIce is a revolutionary new compression bandage


Cooling has been shown to speed recovery of muscular bruises, strains and sprains when used within the first hour of injury. It also helps with pain relief.

The secret to healing any soft tissue injury is in the RICE principle:

REST - less physical activity and a lower heart rate reduces the likelihood of further damage being caused to the injured area.
ICE - cooling results in the narrowing of blood vessels (vasoconstriction). This restricts blood flow through the cooled area, leading to a reduction of internal bleeding and swelling.
COMPRESSION - applying a consistent pressure to the injured area prevents blood from pooling, thus reducing swelling.
ELEVATION - raising the injured limb above the heart further reduces the amount of swelling.

Remove RecoverIce Wrap from packaging and lightly squeeze out excess fluid.
Wrap bandage around the injured area, overlapping the edges by 15mm (as indicated by the blue and yellow lines).
Tuck the bandage in at the top to secure.
Leave bandage uncovered to allow evaporation.
For optimal results, leave on the injured area for over an hour.

Recoverice ice wraps


combine compression with complete cooling that penetrates from all angles.
can be used on most parts of the body, allowing continued mobility.
contain arnica to reduce bruising and inflammation.
require no refrigeration or preparation, they are ready-to-use.
have clear instructions and are easy to apply.
are portable and hermetically sealed.
contain no medication or banned substances.
can be used to soothe tired and aching muscles.
have a long shelf life.
They are lightweight enough to be carried in your pocket, handbag, pc case, cycling pouch, gym bag or rucksack at all times - instantly available if and when you need them.

Medium Size (1m / 39 inches) for treatment of ankles, knees, calves, wrists elbows 3.99
Large size (2m / 78 inches) for treatment of legs, arms, back, shoulders 4.99

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If you require more information about cold therapy, the benefits of RecoverIce ice wraps compared to ice packs and compression bandages, or advice on any travel or outdoor related issues, please telephone 01942 511 820 and ask for Lincoln or Amanda.
Recoverice is a registered trademark of Xanamed.