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Trekking Kilimanjaro 2007

Training | The Team | Altitude | Diary and Photo's |

This Page will grow over the next coming months as we progress, there will be several sections added eg
1. Training
2. Altitude
3. The Team
4 Trekking Gear used.

This year Catch 22 will be attempting to climb Mt Meru and Kilimanjaro in two weeks, a total of 10,461 in height.
Through experience we decided it would be safer and more enjoyable to attempt Kilimanjaro with a warm up trek of Mt Meru (4,566m.)
The longer you take to reach these altitudes the better, the body does adapt but only slowly, and due to a couple of team members being new to high altitude trekking, we thought a warm up would be beneficial to all,and hopefully reduce the risks of altitude sickness.

Everybody seems to have a different theory when it comes to altitude sickness, remedies include Diamox, gin sing, garlic soup, coca leaves, I have my own theories about this and will go into them later.

Up to now we have booked our flights to Arusha airport, we have tried to get a flight with little or no long connections, many flights had long delays waiting for a connections and many would have us spend the night. We did manage to book a flight with Kenyan Airways that gets us from London to Arusha Airport in 14 hours all being well!

The reason we did not want long delays, is we do believe tiredness takes its toll and contributes to altitude sickness, so the shorter the flight time the better, we will be resting for a couple of days before we start the trek.

Each person on the trek as decided to try and put the event to good use, by raising money for different charities, Catch22 have decided to try and raise a little money for the WORLD WILDLIFE FUND if you would like to sponsor this attempt please make cheques payable to W W F and send them to : Catch22 Hope Enterprise Centre, Scot Lane, Wigan WN5 0PN

Choosing a Trekking company

There are two ways to approach this, one is to book with a reputable agency in the UK or enlist on one of the many charitable events, worries re money, gear, guides and porter etc are lessened, but obviously the costs will be higher, on the other hand you can surf the web, do your research and book with a trekking agency in Tanzania, cheaper but more risk.

We opted for the cheaper option, because we like to organize the trip to suit our needs and not be reliant on anyone else, if it goes wrong we have only ourselves to blame, also it is a little more adventurous and adds to the excitement.

We have booked with a trekking agency based in Arusha, it was quiet hard finding information on the various trekking agencies, after several visits to as many bulletin boards, we still had not made our minds up, so we decided to just rely on gut feeling, we contacted several agencies, eventually we picked Moon because of the professional way they answered our questions and promptness of the replies to our e mails, also cost did come into it a little.

Most agencies like a deposit of about 10 percent, so they can organize ahead, I would be a little suspicious if you do not have to put a deposit down.
For the moment that is all

Further info will be available, watch this space!!!!!!!!!

Lincoln Yates.