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Sun Blocks / Sun Tan Lotions

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Lifesystems Jellyfish safe sun block

Safe Sea Jellyfish safe sun block
Now packaged under the Life system Brand

Over200 million beachgoers around the globe are exposed to marine stingers each year.
What is a Jellyfish sting?
Physical contact between exposed human skin and jellyfish tentacles activates tens of thousands of stinging cells. These cells inject poison into the skin, creating pain, rash and redness.
Jellyfish stinging mechanism?
Jellyfish stinging mechanism
How does it Work?
The anti- jellyfish protection system uses plankton extract to deter most species of jellyfish from stinging.
Clinical Tests
Result of ten years of extensive biotechnological research. The only product available today that helps protect exposed skin in infested waters. Combined with sunblock it is ideal for swimmers and holiday beachgoers.
Life systems jellyfish and sun block
SPF 25 200ml bottle 11.99
SPF 40 100ml bottle 9.99

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Sun block

CYCLAX Sun block / Sun Tan Lotion

By appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II manufactures of beauty preparations
This sun tan lotion is great value for money
UVA UVB Protection, Anti-Oxidant
Doesn't smear, water/resistant with Green Tea and Aloe Vera,
Green tea helps detoxify and eliminate free radicals
Aloe Vera
Moisturises and rehydrate the skin
Available in two sizes
100ml Tube Factor 15, 30, and 45

250ml Tube Factor 15, 30, and 45

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Electrical Acc
Waterproof Cases