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Waterproof Pouches, MP3 Cases, PDA Cases, Camera Cases, Bags and Moneybelts

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Waterproof Pouches

Waterproof Moneybelt Aquapac Waterproof Moneybelt.
Guaranteed 100% waterproof to 15ft/5m (dust and sand-proof too!)
Ideal for protecting small essential items in all weather conditions. Suitable for keys, cash, passports and credit cards
Can be worn either around the neck with a detachable neck cord or with a belt around the waist.
Supplied with a detachable neck cord and belt
Will float safely if it’s dropped in water
. Size 185 x 135mm
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Pack Mate Cool Lock Waterproof Neck Pouch

Pack Mate cool Lock Waterproof neck pouchPack mates cool lock waterproof Neckpouch is manufactured from a strong pliable material. The opening is in the form of a sliding seal it is simple and easy to use, the outcome is a effective waterproof seal, that is 100% Waterproof (up to 10 Metres).
This waterproof pouch is extremely versatile and ideal for use when swimming, boating any wet water use, ideal for storing mobile phones, cameras, wallets and other valuables from water, sand or dust.
Size 160mm x 140mm
The pouch can be worn around the neck, with a one touch adjustable neckband, also features a safety ring and clip for added security.
The cool Lock has a clear front and a coloured back, ideal for use with button operated devices
It is also sold complete with the Pack Mate cool lock Handy poch, featured below
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Waterproof Compact Camera Case

Waterproof Compact Camera Case This waterproof case turns your camera into a waterproof camera
100% Waterproof and Sand proof [more info click here]
Ultra-Clear Polymer lens allows great photos through the case - even underwater!
Floats with your camera inside
Tough Vinyl construction
Size Guide:
Length = 7.25 inches / 185mm
Width = 5.3 inches / 135mm
Maximum Circumference of Camera that will Fit = 10.43 inches / 265mm
This case will fit most point-and-shoot cameras.
If your camera has a large zoom lens, you might want to consider other slightly larger Digital Camera Cases, please ring for further information 01942 511 820
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Waterproof Mobile Phone Pouch

Waterproof Mobile Phone Case Around a quarter of all mobile phones are lost to water damage, if you venture into the great outdoors you may, therefore, want to think about protecting it in an Aquapac Pouch.
This waterproof phone pouch is 100% Waterproof and Sand proof
The phone can be used inside the case, with almost all handsets sound waves pass through the special plastic with little or no loss of volume.There is no need to take the phone out of the case to use it - you dial and talk as normal.
The back of all our phone cases are foam padded for extra comfort and protection.
Floats with your phone inside. Tough Vinyl construction.

Two Models Available :
Mini Mobile Phone Case Size Guide: Length = 5 inches / 125mm
Circumference = 6 inches / 150mm 17.50

Micro Mobile Phone Case Size Guide: Length = 4 inches / 100mm
Circumference = 6 inches / 150mm 17.50

All vinyls tend to stiffen in freezing weather, Aquapac has a cold crack rating of -15F (-25C). If you expect to use the case in subzero temperatures you'd be advised to go for the special edition case which stays soft and flexible down to -40F/C.

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Waterproof Keymaster

Key Waterproof Case
This waterproof key pouch is ideal for keeping small items dry, ie keys, money, credit cards etc
100% Waterproof. Guaranteed to 15ft/ 5m but will withstand much greater depths.
Floats with your keys inside.
Tough vinyl construction - 100% recyclable - 3 year guarantee
Size Guide:
Width 3.1/4 inches / 80mm
Length 6 inches/ 155mm
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Waterproof MP3 Player Case

waterproof mp3 Player Case
Keep your MP3 player safe from water, sand and dirt. Designed with a built-in external headphone jack for earphones, the clear front panel allows full operation of controls and click wheels whilst still inside the case.
Clear front panel for operating controls and click wheels inside the case
Built-in external headphone jack for your earphones
Guaranteed submersible to 15ft/5m and keeps dust and sand out
Foam-padded for extra comfort and protection
Ultra light weight - only 50 grams/1.8 ounces
Supplied with:- Neckcord Carabiner Desiccant in order to absorb condensation in humid conditions
Dimensions: Circumference 6in/150mm Length 4.25in/110mm

Size Guide:
Length = 3.5 inches / 90mm
Circumference 6 inches/ 155mm
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Waterproof PDA Case

Waterproof PDA Case
With email and internet access no longer confined to the office or home, you can now stay in touch and record information while exploring the outdoors. Protect your palmtop computer and use it as normal in our range of PDA cases.
Use a stylus as normal through the clear window of the case
Designed with an integral stylus holder
Guaranteed submersible to 15ft/5m and keeps out dust and sand
The airtight seal means your PDA will float safely if dropped in water
Suitable for PDAs or PDA-style phones without expansion packs, and is supplied with Neckcord
Size Guide:
Circumference 7.9in/200mm Length 6in/150mm
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Pack Mate Coolock Waterproof Handy Pouch

Coolock Waterproof Beach Bag
The Pack Mate coolock waterproof handy pouch is ideal for a day out at the beach, boat trips, infact anywhere you would like to protect your belongings from water and sand damage.
CooLock handy pouch is
100% waterproof (up to 10 metres) and 100% Dust and sand Proof
Comes complete with a smaller CoolLock handy pouch, both are ideal for mobile phones,cameras, watches, Passports, toiletries,cosmetics, towels, wet clothing and food.
Supplied with free small pouch
100% waterproof to 10metres
100% Dust and Sandproof
Handy pouch Size 31cm x 21
Small pouch size 13.5cm x 16cm
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Ortlieb Waterproof Heavyweight Dry Round Bag

Dry Round waterproof bag
This waterproof bag is Ideal for Hauling and storing gear, available in Three different sizes, manufactured from tough tarpaulin fabric with welded seams100% Waterproof
Roll and Clasp clip closure
Round base for maximum storage
Size Guide:
XSmall = 13 litres 18.00
Small = 22 litres 22.00
Medium = 35 litres 26.00
Large = 59 litres 30.00
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Exped Waterproof Rucksack Liner

Waterproof pack liner
Exped 100% waterproof rucksack liners are lightweight versions of the fold Drybags
In contrast to packsacks with round bottoms, waterproof Pack Liners are better shaped to perfectly fit a backpack and completely fill the space.
Comes with a fast access roll-n-fold closure.
The Small Fits packs from 40 Litre up to 65 Litre / XS up to 30 litres
Material: Coated 70D Taffeta nylon with a water column of 10,000 mm
Dimensions (open) 70cm x 35cm x 25cm (small) Weight: 185 gm
Dimensions (open) 45cm x 28cm x 20cm (Xsmall)
Size Guide:
XSmall = 30 litres, Colour; Sand 13.50
Small = 40/65 litres,Colour; Yellow 18.00
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